Programming to me is like painting.
Every line of code is a stroke of the brush.
Every stroke can lead to art.

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Rpg Maker

One of my great passions in life is to create amazing works of art and tell stories.

Rpg Maker MV has allowed me to begin that process. The process of story telling.
The Child And The Poet is one of those works of art. You Get to play through
a compelling story, one that engrosses you in detailed maps and a detailed world.

Check out out the game

JavaScript Plugins For Rpgmaker

If I love and hate anything in this world, it's Javascript.

Creating plugins for the community is a great passion of mine. This includes writing them in ES6 and using tools such as Babel and Gulp to manage the build process of said scripts. I use these same scripts that I develop in The Child And The Poet, a game that I am currently working on.

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Eve Online Market Details

Built with laravel 5.2

I play a lot of Eve Online, its a fun and enaging game. As a miner and industrialist
I am always curious as to what the market prices are at any given time for any
given item. That is why I took the time to build a very encompassing and detailed market of information pertaining to to the well over ten thousand items in Eve.

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