Wanted to know more about me?
I have prepared a few snippits below

I Write Software Follow me on Github

I love writting software. I love learning. I am constently experimenting.

When I come up with a new idea or a new concept I generally like to create a project and share it with the world. I am always excited to build code, solve problems and experiment with new ideas and new concepts.

Some one once told me I am a coder at heart. I code when I am at work, I code when I am at home. I code when I am walking down the street. I dream of code, I shower and bathe in its intricacies. Code is my whole life. With out programming, I would be lost.

I love my kittehs Follow me on instagram

I have two. Whiskers (6) and Piper (3)

I work from home a lot on various contracts for various companies. I need some one to keep me company and sane . With out these beasts, I would be lost.

I got Whiskers (cat in the photo) when he was 6 months old. I then got Piper when she was 7 months old just after whiskers turned 3. I would die for my cats.

When I am not programming all the time, I can be found playing or cuddling with my cuddle bugs. They sleep beisde me, curl up next to me on the couch and this one (Whiskers) is such a talkitive cat, you could hold a whole conversation with him.

Always looking ... looking ... looking Hire me today!

I love what I do for work. I have a great passion and a great excitment for it.

When I got into software development, truth be told I just wanted a job. It was 2009, the recession was strong.

Over time I learned about the basics, classes, functions, interfaces, design patterns and so much more. I became addicted. It is unlike any other addiction, the high is so fantastic every time. Whe I get going, when I get on a role There isn't any thing I cannot build. Wouldn't you like to have that as a part of your team?