Today I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have been doing since the last time we spoke. The darkness of my heart has been lifted from the shadows of despair as I found my way to the lord. He has saved me from the darkness inside.

A darkness that almost took my life.

Since those days I have started a new YouTube channel. One that allows me to express my comical sense of humor and my writing skills as I release the new Writers Corner series this week on Thursday.

It’s really exciting. It is also nerve wracking to make films and share them with the internet. Its also discouraging when you don’t get more then 50 views. But I persevere and link my videos to all my social media accounts that I can.

You can meet me here!


I am also writing a new book; in case the video wasn’t obvious. Its called The Child and The Poet.

The book follows a twenty-seven-year-old boy named Marcus who wakes up in a strange and fascinating world covered in blood. He is quickly found by a mysterious man who calls him self The Poet. The Poet offers to help him, feed him and give him shelter as Marcus attempts to figure out who the blood he woke up covered in, belongs too.

The same night Marcus is found the Red Hawk Rebellion group liberate a town from the ruthless and religiously fanatic group of Federation soldiers. Men and women who will rape, kill, burn and torture to gain control of southern settlements all in the name of God.

We also meet Annie and Kevin, parents of a boy who committed suicide who also wake up in this strange new world. Lost and confused they start looking for answers in this new landscape.

The central theme is suicide and religion.

As I write the book I pour so much of my self into it. I also come up with writing tips for people who are writing their own book, maybe for the first time. A lot of the tips and tricks out there seem to be more geared towards people who are not exactly new to writing or they are “coddled” in sugar coated misguidance.

While a lot of the advice is very sound and very intelligent. I take the approach, with the new series, of humor and bluntness. I want to get across things like “Writers block does exist and here’s how to solve it” as well as “when writing dark subject material, I want you to show me and not tell me.” A couple other videos I have lined up are “Writing when you are busy” and “How to start you’re book.”

Aside from that, I have started streaming! The gist of it is that I stream working on my game, The Child and The Poet. Which, if you haven’t figured it out, is what my book is also called.

With a new YouTube channel which consists of a couple of series and working on new features for Eve Market, I have been kept pretty busy these days.

But it’s the good kind of busy. The kind I thank the lord for.